Skráningarfærsla handrits

AM 38 b 4to

Church Law of Skåne ; Danmörk, 1640-1660


1 (1r-14v)
Church Law of Skåne
Titill í handriti

Kiercke Lovgen:


Dette er den Rett Og Kiercke | Loug, der waar giffuen os


7 Monneder og 12. dage. | Register till. Kiercke Lougen.

Tungumál textans
1.1 (14r:16-14v)
Titill í handriti

Register till. Kircke Lougen.


1. Om kiercke worder Viede.



Lýsing á handriti

Paper with watermark. The watermark consists of two coats of arms, one on top of the other. The one on top can be identified as the coat of arms of Palatinate and Bavaria, whereas the one below this is a coat of arms with a crowned man's head and the letters I and S (e.g. fols 1+8, 3+6, 9 and 14, 11, 12). No countermark.
14. 181 mm x 140-145 mm.
Tölusetning blaða

Later foliation 1-14 in grey ink in the upper right-hand corners.


Two quires.

  • I: fols. 1-8 (1+8, 2+7, 3+6, 4+5)
  • II: fols. 9-14 (9+14, 10+13, 11+12)

There are catchwords in the bottom right-hand corners of most pages, except from fols 2v, 8r and 12v.

The manuscript is written in one column with 15-17 lines per page and 4-6 words per line.

The written area measures ca. 130 mm x 85-90 mm.


The outer margins are severely damaged (bite marks on the bottom outer edges). The damage most certainly postdates the trimming of the leaves but predates the binding.

The bottom margin of fol. 9 is also slightly damaged.

The upper outer corner of fol. 11 was repaired with Japanese tissue.

A piece of paper was once appended to the outer margin of fol. 1r, but most of it has been removed.

Some leaves are stained.

The leaves are slighlty discoloured, mostly around the edges.

Skrifarar og skrift

The entire manuscript was written by one unknown scribe. The text is written in kurrent script, while rubrics are written in chancery script.


Pen-flourished initials at the beginning of each section occur in black ink (1-2 lines, see e.g. 1r:1). The beginning of each paragraph is marked by differently decorated initials (1-3 lines, e.g. 2v, 3r).

Spássíugreinar og aðrar viðbætur

Bibliographical note by the scribe in the margin of fol. 8r, referring to The Provincial Law of Jutland. This note is, however, partly illegible due to severe damage to the outer margins.


Cardboard binding covered by handmade grey paper (188 mm x 144-147 mm). A label at the top of the spine (from Kålund's time) states the shelfmark . At the foot of the spine the remainder of a white label, once containing the running title, is found. The cover is slightly dirty and show traces of use.

On the upper board, No 38. B Skaanske Kirche Loug. is written in black ink. Orignally, the letter of the shelfmark was A, but it was later crossed out and substituted with a superscript B in brown ink.

The manuscript is stored in one box together with AM 38 a 4to. Old cords which were removed from the binding are stored in the same box as the manuscripts.

Uppruni og ferill


Written in Denmark. Kålund (KatalogIs. 365) dates it to the seventeenth century.

A narrower dating is provided by Schlyter (Schlyter 1862 xcix, who dated it to the the middle of the seventeenth century.


At some point part of a larger manuscript, which was subsequently divided into two units: AM 38 a 4to and AM 38 b 4to.

In Jón Ólafsson's catalogue from 1730 '38 in 4to' was described as a single manuscript, but there is no indication of two copies.

Aðrar upplýsingar


Catalogued 14. ágúst 2017 by SG and AP.

Checked and expanded 28. ágúst 2017 by BS.

Myndir af handritinu

  • Microfilm from 20. apríl 1988.
  • Photographs prior to restauration in 3. desember 1992.