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AM 38 a 4to

Church Law of Skåne ; Danmörk, 1650-1699


Church Law of Skåne
Titill í handriti

Schaansche Kierche Loug


For information on the filiation of this manuscript, see Brøndum-Nielsen & Aakjær 1933 s. cxlv, 879.


Worder kierche wiitt, da shall hun


effter denne Loug for fölgis.


Aakjær & Kroman, Danmarks gamle Landskabslove med Kirkelovene I:2

Tungumál textans

Lýsing á handriti

Paper with watermark. Coat of arms of Amsterdam on fols 2+7, 4+5; countermark ("DC") on fols 1+8 and 3+6.
8 leaves. 200-204 mm x 157-159 mm The final leaf was trimmed slightly more than the others (width: 154 mm).
Tölusetning blaða

Later foliation in dark grey ink on the rectos. The numbers 4, 6 and 7 have been touched up with black ink.


The manuscript consists of one quire:

  • I: fols 1-8 (1+8, 2+7, 3+6, 4+5)

There are no catchwords.

Written in one column with 18-23 lines per page and ca. 9 words per line.

The written area measures approximately 158 x 118 mm. (148-171 mm x 110-123 mm).

The wider margin is always left of the written area, even on the rectos.


Generally in good condition.

The paper is pale but around the edges and on fol. 8v the paper is slightly discoloured.

The paper is damaged around the edges, mainly in the outer bottom corners, due to moist.

A small tear in the outer margin of fol. 1 was repaired with Japanese tissue.

A small piece is torn from the bottom margin of fol. 4, however, with no damage to the text.

Skrifarar og skrift

Written by a single unknown scribe; the text is written in kurrent script; chapter headings and rubrics are written in chancery script.


The chapter headings and the rubrics have penwork initials taking up one to two lines. Exclusively in black ink. No other colours were used.

Spássíugreinar og aðrar viðbætur

The shelfmark and other catalogue related numbers are added on the upper pastedown.

On fol. 1r, N 38 was added in large script above the title of the text. At first, this shelfmark was written in reddish-brown crayon, but later it was touched up with black ink.


Grey cardboard binding from ca. 1771-1780; waste paper was used for the pastedowns.

Two of Kålund's labels appear on the spine: a square, turquoise label containing the shelfmark (580 mm tall) is found at the top of the spine and a circular, white label containing the running title is found at the foot of the spine.

On the upper board, No 38. A Skaanske Kircke Loug. is written in black ink. Orignally, the letter of the shelfmark was B, but it was later crossed out and substituted with a superscript A in a lighter brown ink.

This manuscript is stored in one box together with AM 38 b 4to.

Uppruni og ferill


The manuscript was written in Denmark. Kålund (Katalog I 365) dated it to the seventeenth century.

A narrower dating is provided by Schlyter (Schlyter 1862s. xcix) who dated it to the last half of the seventeenth century.


At some point part of a larger manuscript, which was later divided into two units: AM 38 a 4to and AM 38 b 4to.

In Jón Ólafsson's catalogue from 1730 '38 in 4to' was described as a single manuscript, but there is no indication of two copies.

Aðrar upplýsingar


Catalogued 15. ágúst 2017 by JH, JT, JK.

Checked and expanded 28. ágúst 2017 by BS.

Myndir af handritinu

  • Microfilm from 1988.
  • Photographs prior to restauration in 30. september 1992.


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