Skráningarfærsla handrits


AM 28 8vo

Danish Legal Manuscript Written in Runes ; Skåne, 1300-1350

AM 28 8vo contains one of the oldest and best preserved texts of the law of Skåne, but it is remarkable for being written entirely with runes. The runes are not the classical Viking-Age runes, but modified runic characters so that each corresponds to a letter of the Latin alphabet. This use of runes is normally regarded as a revivalist phenomenon. AM 28 8vo in no way form an organic link between the runic script culture of the Viking age and medieval Latin book culture, but are entirely products of the latter, and must have its exemplar text written in the Latin alphabet.


1 (1r-82v)
The Provincial Law of Skåne

Copies of the manuscript: AM 43 4to, Huseby 43 4to, NKS 1303 4to, Thott 1159 fol. and Ulldal 224 4to.


Worm, Regum Daniæ s. 28-31

Thorsen, Nordiske Oldskrifter XVIII s. 3-72

Brøndum-Nielsen and Aakjær, Danmarks gamle Landskabslove I.1 s. 1-57:5 (Fols 1r-26v), 69:7-84:5 (Fols 27r-34v), 98:7-123:4 (Fols 35r-47v:8), 125:8-199 (Fols 47v:8-82v)

2 (83r-v)
Botløst mal

Aakjær and Kroman, Danmarks gamle Landskabslove I.2 s. 721

Thorsen, Skånske Lov og Eskils skånske Kirkelov s. 73-74

3 (84r-91v:6)
The Church Law of Skåne

Aakjær and Kroman, Danmarks gamle Landskabslove I.2 s. 821-864:2

4 (91v:7-14)
On kunu iorþ

Brøndum-Nielsen and Aakjær, Danmarks gamle Landskabslove I.1 s. 740-741:2 Ed. B1

5 (92r-v)
List of Danish Kings

Wærmund kunung Uiþles sun.


Þa war Hi|þing kunung hin høueske ok F|roþa sun. Hilda het drotning


Lorenzen, Gammeldanske krøniker s. 228-229

6 (93r-97r:5)
The Runic Chronicle

Ællespont ok uan dynu burh | til skat. Þa war Froþe kunung | Hadings sun


Lorenzen, Gammeldanske krøniker s. 222-226

7 (97r:5-100r:9)
The Border between Denmark and Sweden

Landamærke mællin Danmark ok Sueriki


Brøndum-Nielsen, Danske Sprogtekster 1 s. 13-14:8

Rydberg, Sverges Traktater s. 46-47 Ed. A

8 (100r:10-11)
I Dreamed a Dream

Danish folksong with notes

Lýsing á handriti



100 + 1a (fly-leaf). The fly-leaf and fol. 100v were originally blank. 174 mm x 121 mm.

Written in one column throughout with 14, occasionally 15 lines, to the page. Chapter headings are in red, whereas initials occur in varied colours.


Lacunae occur as a result of leaves lost or cut out.

Skrifarar og skrift

The main scribe wrote fols 1r-82v and 84r-91v.

A second hand wrote fols 92r-100r.

Fol. 83r-v (Botløst mal), which is possibly a later addition, is written by a third hand.


The ballad (fol. 100r:10-11) is accompanied by musical notation.

Spássíugreinar og aðrar viðbætur

On the recto side of fol. 1a a runic alphabet together with a transliteration into the Latin alphabet and a note on the codex are found. On the verso side there are notes by Sidsel Bryske (c. 1510-73), Ole Worm (1588-1654), Willum Worm (1633-1704) and 0le Borch (1626-90).


The manuscript is bound in a parchment binding with the title written on the spine. The binding is dating before 1700, possibly c. 1650. The binding measures 183 mm x 138 mm x 57 mm.

Uppruni og ferill


The manuscript was written in Skåne, possibly in Herrevad Abbey c. 1300. At that time, Skåne was a part of the Danish realm but now it is a county in Sweden.


The first fly-leaf (1a) contains several information about the history of the codex. On a note on the recto side, written in the year 1569, Eskild Gøye's widow, Sidsel Bryske of Langesø (Funen), informs that the codex belonged to her brother, Antonius Bryske, and that she gave it to Peder Severinsen, kannik in Viborg: Thenne Boeg Haffuer hørt Min | sallige Broder Anthonius Bryske till. | Oc Nu haffuer ieg Sitzell Bryske | salig Eskel Gis Epterleuerske til langs | Giffuet hederlig Mand. Mester peder | seurinssn kanick Udi Viburge thend | Skriuet paa Langese then 29 dag Martij | Anno regis 1569. On the bottom leaf, below two lines in runes, Professor Ole Worm states the ownership of the manuscript: Nunc optimo jure sibi vendicat olaus worm.; his son, Willum Worm, indicates that he has inherited the book: Hæreditario jure nunc possidet Wilhel|mus Worm | olai F.. Below these two notes, a third note informs that the codex belonged to Bibliotheca Borrichiana, viz. the library of 0le Borch (1626-90): Bibliotheca Borrichiana | posthac esto libelle. On the bottom recto side of the fly-leaf another note tells that Willum Worm gave the codex to Ole Borch: Donum illustris Viri, Wilhelmi Wormij.

Aðrar upplýsingar


Catalogued 7. október 2005 by EW-J.


From 29 May 1962 to 17 August 1965 the manuscript was restored. The binding was repaired at the outermost guards.

From 6 March to 9 May 1967: The parchment binding was restored, new pastedowns were given, and the leaves were re-fastened with parchment chords drawn through the old holes of the binding.

From 16 September to 8 October 1971 the spine was fastened.

From 19 June to 13 August 1981 the leaves were checked and the binding was repaired.

Myndir af handritinu

  • Diapositives, pocket 9, s.d.
  • Digital photographs, CD no 3 from 19. apríl 2004 (fol. 32v, the photograph was used for a poster for The Festival of Humanities 2004 (Humaniorafestival 2004) and 100r (external order from 30. ágúst 2004)).
  • Digital photographs, CD no 8, from 8. apríl 2005 (fol. 100r).
  • Digital photographs, Hard desc 1, from 7. júní 2006 (fols 32v-33r, 91v-92r, 99v-100r).
  • Microfilm (master), Neg 1008, from 20. janúar 1999 (after restoration).
  • Microfilm (archive), Neg 909, from 21. janúar 1999 (after restoration).
  • Black and white prints from 21. janúar 1999.
  • Microfilm, G.neg 202, s.d. (prior to restoration).
  • Black and white prints from 1. apríl 1981.
  • Microfilm (master), neg 1010, from 1. janúar 1999 (supplementary photographs).
  • Microfilm (archive), neg 923, from 12. mars 2001 (supplementary photographs).
  • Black and white prints (A4) from 21. janúar 1999.
  • Diapositives, 73, from 4. janúar 1999 (6x6" standardportræt).
  • Black and white prints from 6. janúar 1999.
  • Diapositives, 99, from 11. janúar 1999 (6x6" colour diapositives; standard portrait).
  • Diapositives, 112, s.d. (4x5" b/w).
  • Diapositives, pocket no 2, from 9. febrúar 1999 (4x5" colour diapositives; fols 3v, 21r, 31r, 42v-43r, 91v, 96r, 99v, 100r).


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Titill: Samlede juridiske Skrifter
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