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AM 79 4to

Danish/Norwegian Legal Manuscript ; Norway, 1575-1599


1 ()
King Magnus the Lawmender’s Norwegian National Law

Her begyndis Norigis och Synder- | lig Guletungs Lougbog, Effter som | hellige her S. Oluff konning, med man- | ge gode herrer och fremfarne konger udi Nor | gis Rige


Da skulle de | vitne nyde, och | unden førsd | som kgn vill

Tungumál textans
2 ()
Legal Amendments

Her begyndes Rettebø | derne som frembfarne, | gode konger och herrer haffue giff- | uit Norgis Rigens Indbyggere | til beste, gaffn och Bistand


giffuit paa vort Slot | kroneborg den 21. | iulii Anno | 1591 | Høighemelte vor allernaadigste herris, Print | zis och konnings tilforordinerede Re | gierendis Raad. | Niels Kaass egen haand Peder munch egen haand | Jørgen Rosenkrantz egen haand Hack holgerssøn egen haand

Tungumál textans
3 ()
Danish Royal Charters from Frederik II to Christian IV

Forordtning om Börneguodsz Effter | fadernes dødt | Christianus quartus


Om kiöbe andre til eth bere falske och | lögnelige vidnisbyrdes dirris siger | Efterdj det forminnis forskrefne vort Landtz

Tungumál textans
4 ()
Decisions Made at the Herredag in Bergen 1604

Ehr forordnidt seniste Heredaug | som holdtis wdj bergenn, Anno 1604.


Fredkiöb, som kongenn vor ath saffne,| Naar hannd hafuer faait landtz wist | att Riigenz lantzheler er x marc: sölff | Ehr femb Daller

Tungumál textans

Lýsing á handriti

Paper with watermark
210. Ff. 1v-7, 10v, 16v, 24v, 29v-31, 45v-47, 59v, 66v-67, 91, 100, 105v-7, 197-210r are blank.196 mm x 150 mm
Tölusetning blaða

There are two different foliations; one in pencil on the middle of the bottom of the recto-sides, beginning on the first leaf in the book, and one in ink in the upper right corner of every recto-side, beginning on the first page of the first law book. The pencil foliation has a mistake: it skips from f. 129 to f. 170.


  • I: pastedown + 7, flyleaf + 6, 2+5, 3+4
  • II: ff. 8-15 (8+15, 9+14, 10+13, 11+12)
  • III: ff. 16-23 (16+23, 17+22, 18+21, 19+20)
  • IV: ff. 24-31 (24+31, 25+30, 26+29, 27+28)
  • V: ff. 32-39 (32+39, 33+38, 34+37, 35+36)
  • VI: ff. 40-47 (40+47, 41+46, 42+45, 43+44)
  • VII: ff. 48-55 (48+55, 49+54, 50+53, 51+52)
  • VIII: ff. 56-59 (56+59, 57+58)
  • IX: ff. 60-67 (60+67, 61+66, 62+65, 63+64)
  • X: ff. 68-75 (68+75, 69+74, 70+73, 71+72)
  • XI: ff. 76-83 (76+83, 77+82, 78+81, 79+80)
  • XII: ff. 84-91 (84+91, 85+90, 86+89, 87+88)
  • XIII: ff. 92-99 (92+99, 93+98, 94+97, 95+96)
  • XIV: ff. 100-107 (100+107, 101+106, 102+105, 103+104)
  • XV: ff. 108-115 (108+115, 109+114, 110+113, 111+112)
  • XVI: ff. 116-123 (116+123, 117+122, 118+121, 119+120)
  • XVII: ff. 124-171 (124+171, 125+170, 126+129, 127+128)(erroneaous foliation)
  • XVIII: ff. 172-179 (172+179, 173+178, 174+177, 175+176)
  • XIX: ff. 180-187 (180+187, 181+186, 182+185, 183+184)
  • XX: ff. 188-195 (188+195, 189+194, 190+193, 191+192)
  • XXI: ff. 196-203 (196+203, 197+202, 198+201, 199+200)
  • XXII: ff. 204-pastedown (204-pastedown, 205+2010, 206+209, 207+208)

There are no quire signatures There are catchwords on all pages from f. 8r to 178r

The manuscript is single-columned, and has 30-32 lines per page in the first part of the book and 18-20 in the later additions. The last written page in the book, written in a different hand, has 15 lines

The text column measures approx. 140 mm mm x 110 mm mm


The manuscript is in good condition and the leaves are only slightly yellowed.

On f. 8 a piece has been cut away from the upper corner, possibly an owner's name.

On every first leaf of the law books in King Magnus the Lawmender’s Norwegian National Law, there are traces of fingertabs on the outer edges.

Skrifarar og skrift

Three different hands have contributed to the main part of the manuscript, and an unknown number of hands have written in the margins. One of the hands in the margin is probably also responsible for the last page in the manuscript.


There are red initials from f. 8r-178v

There are miniatures on the front and back pastedowns and also on the first end-leaf.

Spássíugreinar og aðrar viðbætur

The table of contents for King Magnus the Lawmender’s Norwegian National Law is decorated in different ways. There are red initials at the title of each of the eight law books. The books have been numbered in green ink. Over the number e.g. ”6: LIB:” (f. 13v), is a line wiht a curve on top. In green ink is also written ”CAP” and ”FOLIO” over left and right side of the text column respecively, where the number of the chapter and a reference to the relevant f. is given.

After the preface and table of contents, and after the last paragraph of each law book of King Magnus the Lawmender’s Norwegian National Law, there are large flourished knots in the same ink as the text.

In the table of contents for the fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth book, the chapter numbers have been changed by glueing down paper on top of the old numbers, and rewriting on top. Any letters that were covered in the proces, have been extended to the new piece of paper. The original numbers have a line drawn on top, but this has not been done for the new numbers on the glued-down paper. The glue seems to have caused the leaves to contract, so that they are now uneven under the new strips of paper.


The manuscript is bound in a brown leather, that has been decorated with blind-tooling. The binding is build from printed material, both paper and veneer. On the boards are traces after a closing mechanism, presumably two ties, placed 47,5 mm from the top and bottom of the binding and 12 mm from the side. The binding on the spine has been repaired.


There is no AM-slip.

Uppruni og ferill


It is noted in Storm: Norges Gamle Love indtil 1387, that the first part of the manuscript was written in Norway, and that the later additions were written after the manuscript came to Denmark.

Kålunds KatalogI dates the manuscript to the end of the sixteenth century.


It is not known how Árni Magnússon acquired the manuscript

Aðrar upplýsingar


Catalogued 2. desember 2019 by PE


Titill: Katalog over Den Arnamagnæanske Håndskriftsamling
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Kålund, Kristian
Titill: Norges gamle Love indtil 1387
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Storm, Gustav
Umfang: IV
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