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AM 181 a fol.

Riddarasögur ; Útskálar, Iceland, 1638-1652

AM 181 a-l originally were components of a single paper manuscript containing Riddarasögur. This codex was commisioned by Þorsteinn Björnsson, who was the minister of Útskálar on the Reykjanes peninsula in south-western Iceland from 1638 to 1660. During his years in office, Þorsteinn had much medieval Icelandic litterature copied. His source for the riddarasögur now in 181 was Stockholm Perg. 4to nr. 6.


1 (1-9r)
Ívens saga
Titill í handriti

Hier hefiast sgur af Artus kppum, og byriast | med Iuentz sgu

Tungumál textans
2 (9r-18r)
Parcevals saga
Titill í handriti

Hier heft Saga af | parceual Artus kappa

Tungumál textans
3 (18r-20)
Valvers þáttur
Titill í handriti

Hier Byriast Walver|s þättur

Tungumál textans

Lýsing á handriti



20. 297 mm x 195 mm
Tölusetning blaða

Foliation in red ink 1-20 on the recto-leaves, between the columns. Original foliation 513-531.


Written in double columns except for f. 1 (inserted later on Árni Magnússon's request) which is which is written in one column.

There are no chapter headings, but each chapter has a number, and blank spaces are left empty for large initials. Blanks taking up a half column on f. 2v and 3r, respectively, and a whole column on f. 12 have been left to mark lacunae; f. 18v has a blank space to mark a smaller lacuna. After the end of the saga a half column is left blank.

Spássíugreinar og aðrar viðbætur
Fol. 1 is in all likelihood added at the request of Árni Magnússon by one of his copyists, presumably his brother, Jón Magnússon (this conclusion is made in concert with Peter Springborg and an additional comparison with the writing of AM 451 4to).

Grey cardboard binding from 1730-1780. On the cover of the front board a handwritten note gives the running title and the content of the manuscript: 1) Ivents Saga 2) Parcevals Saga 3) Valvers Saga. The handwriting of the note is identical to the one in AM 180 e fol.. It has been suggested that Grímur Thorkelin is the scribe but this cannot be determined definitively when comparing the script to that of AM 449 4to (Inger Jakobsen Kudahl, personal communication júlí 2004). Kålund added the following note to the upper pastedown: 20 blade (+ 1 AMsk seddel) 15/1 86. Size of binding: 304 mm x 197 mm x 6 mm.

Uppruni og ferill


AM 181 fol is written in Útskálar, Iceland between 1638 and 1652 ( Slay 1972 23a).

Other datings:


AM 181 fol. belonged to the man who commissioned the manuscript, Þorsteinn Björnsson (1612-75). Subsequently lögmaður Sigurður Björnsson took it into possession.

AM 181 a-l fol. once belonged to the same codex but they were divided into smaller components and AM 181 d and g-l fol. are now transferred to Iceland.

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Catalogued 22. febrúar 2002 by EW-J.


Titill: Ívens saga,
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Blaisdell, Foster W.
Umfang: XVIII
Titill: Katalog over Den Arnamagnæanske Håndskriftsamling
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Kålund, Kristian
Höfundur: Stefán Karlsson
Titill: Gripla, Dæmi um sögnina "fría" (Samtíningur)
Umfang: II
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  • København
  • Stofnun
  • Árnasafn í Kaupmannahöfn
  • Vörsludeild
  • Den Arnamagnæanske Samling
  • Safn
  • Safn Árna Magnússonar
  • Safnmark
  • AM 181 a fol.
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