Skráningarfærsla handrits

AM 36 fol.

Noregs konunga sǫgur, vol. II ; Karmøy, Norway, 1675-1699

This manuscript containing Ólafs saga helga is the second volume of a book in three volumes, together with AM 35 fol. (volume I) and AM 63 fol. (volume III). An electronic edition of the manuscript can be accessed at Menota's home page (Heimskringla 2).


Ólafs saga helga

Transcript of Kringla or Codex Academicus Primus which was destroyed at the fire at Copenhagen University Library in 1728. According to Jørgensen ( The Lost Vellum Kringla ) AM 35–36–63 fol., together with Holm. Papp. 18 fol., constitute the most important transcripts of the lost Kringla-manuscript.


Finnur Jónsson, Heimskringla: Nóregs konunga sögur af Snorri Sturluson I Ed. K

Schöning, Heimskringla edr Noregs konunga sǫgur af Snorra Sturlusyni

Ottosson, Heimskringla 2 An electronic, diplomatic, edition from Menota.

Unger, Heimskringla

Tungumál textans

Lýsing á handriti



ii + 273 306 mm x 210 mm
Tölusetning blaða

Foliated 219-493 in red ink in the top of the recto-pages.

Paginated 1-546 in black ink in the upper right-hand corners.

The first two flyleaves are foliated I and II. The last leaf in the last quire is foliated III.

Written in half columns.
Due to exposure to humidity especially the middle part is seriously damaged.
Skrifarar og skrift

Written by Ásgeir Jónsson.

Spássíugreinar og aðrar viðbætur
Fols 474 og 493 are attached slips. Headings and variants are added by the same later hands as in AM 35 fol.

Half-binding from nóvember 2004 with leather spine and parchment corners and a cover of blue and brown marbled paper. Gilt title and serialnumber at the spine. Size of binnding: 316 mm x 221 mm x 61 mm

Originally covered by written parchment from the fifteenth century. This was removed ca 1911-1913 and was transferred to Acc. 7 e, Hs. 123 (a psalm commentary by Peter of Herentals)

Uppruni og ferill

Karmøy, Norway s. XVII4/4


Höfundur: Louis-Jensen, Jonna
Titill: Kongesagastudier: Kompilationen Hulda-Hrokkinskinna,
Umfang: XXXII
Höfundur: Jørgensen, Jon Gunnar
Titill: The lost vellum Kringla,
Umfang: XLV
Höfundur: Snorri Sturluson
Titill: Heimskringla II,
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Bjarni Aðalbjarnarson
Umfang: 27
Titill: Heimskringla edr Noregs konunga sögur af Snorra Sturlusyni
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Schöning, Gerhard, Skúli Thorlacius
Titill: Heimskringla eller Noregs Kongesagaer af Snorre Sturlasøn
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Unger, C. R.
Höfundur: Jørgensen, Jon Gunnar
Titill: Om verdien av sagaavskrifter fra 1600-tallet, Collegium medievale
Umfang: 11
Höfundur: Louis-Jensen, Jonna
Titill: Heimskringla - Et værk af Snorri Sturluson?, Nordica Bergensia
Umfang: 14
Titill: Katalog over Den Arnamagnæanske Håndskriftsamling
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Kålund, Kristian
Höfundur: Ottosson, Kjartan
Titill: Heimskringla 2
Titill: Færeyinga saga,
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Ólafur Halldórsson
Umfang: 30
Titill: Heimskringla: Nóregs konunga sögur af Snorri Sturluson, STUAGNL
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Finnur Jónsson
Umfang: I-IV