Skráningarfærsla handrits


AM 18 fol.

Knýtlinga saga ; Denmark, 1690-1710


1 (1r-39r)
Knýtlinga saga
Titill í handriti

Æfi Danakonunga, vulgo Knytlingasaga


This volume is a copy of Codex Academicus, a vellum manuscript which was lost during the Copenhagen Fire of 1728. This means that, at present, AM 18 fol is the most important manuscript of Knýtlingasaga.

Tungumál textans
1.1 (1r-v)
Enginn titill

Haralldr Gorms son var tekinn til konungs í | Danmrk eptir foður sinn.


efldi siðan en mestu blot i Noregi


af Petersens & Olson, Sögur Danakonunga s. 29:1-31:8

Bjarni Guðnason, Danakonunga sögur s. 93-95

1.2 (2r-39r)
Enginn titill

Jatuarðarson Suia konungr.


Nu lykr | her at segia fra Dana-|konungum


af Petersens & Olson, Sögur Danakonunga s. 196:1-294:23

Bjarni Guðnason, Danakonunga sögur s. 240-321

Lýsing á handriti



39 leaves. 310 mm x 205 mm
Tölusetning blaða

Foliated 1-39 twice. Firstly by Kristian Kålund in red ink the uppper right-hand corners of the recto-leaves (now partly washed off due to wet processing 1980-81); secondly by Mariane Overgaard in pencil in the bottom margins of the recto-leaves.


Written in one column with 31 to 33 lines per page.

Fols 15r and 28r and the lower half of fol. 27r are blank.


The manuscript is defective as all of the middle part of the saga, corresponding to a third (from chapter 3 to the end of chapter 82) has gone missing. The manuscript was used as the main manuscript of an edition from 1741; Æfi Dana-Konunga Eda Knytlinga Saga. Historia Cnutidarum regum Daniæ. The saga was printed in Copenhagen but did not get published. It is probable that the lacuna occurred during the preparations for the edition.

Skrifarar og skrift

Written by Árni Magnússon who added his own corrections and notes and also extended a large part of the abbreviations of the source text. Some of the abbreviations, e.g. personal names, have, however, been retained.

Spássíugreinar og aðrar viðbætur

Árni Magnússon corrected the spelling and added a great number of variations according to the membr and more manuscripts, together with some dates.


previous binding: wooden boards with a parchment spine and laced-in single endband supports. On the recto of the first flyleaf of the old binding Kålund wrote: 39 blade, 8. júní 1885. The boards were covered in reused parchment from a Latin antiphonary with notes. The parchment cover was removed during restoration from 1980 to 1981 and transferred to Acc 7b, Ms 64 (cover, lower board) and Acc 7b, Ms 131 (cover, upper board).

The manuscrtipt is presently bound in a BD-standard binding from 1981 with spine and corners covered in cloth. Kålund’s note was cut out of the old first flyleaf and glued to the new paste-down.

Uppruni og ferill


According to Kålund ( Katalog I s. 12 ) and Carl af Petersens and Emil Olson ( Sǫgur Danakonunga s. x ) the mansucript is written in Denmark ca. 1700.

Aðrar upplýsingar


Catalogued 27. júní 2005 by EW-J.


Prepared for photographing and re-bound in the period 16 October 1980 to 26 March 1981.

Checked and dry-cleaned 14. október 1998.

Photographed twice, first time: 1. nóvember 1980, second time: 1. júlí 1998.

Myndir af handritinu

  • Microfilm, Gneg. 2, s.d (before conservation).
  • Microfilm, Gpos. 4, s.d. (before conservation).
  • Microfilm, Neg. 584, from 1. nóvember 1980 (during conservation).
  • Microfilm, Neg. 783, from 1. nóvember 1980 (during conservation).
  • Microfilm, Pos. 908, from 16. september 1998
  • Microfilm, Pos. 718, s.d.
  • Black and white photographs from 1. júlí 1980
  • Black and white photographs from janúar 1981 (previous binding, present binding and the old parchment cover from the upper and lower boards).
  • Black and white photographs from 2. júlí 1998 (previous binding: front cover, spine, back cover and the insides of the upper cover. After restoration. Present binding: front cover, spine and opening of the book (ff. 23v-24r)).


Titill: , Danakonunga sǫgur: Skjǫldunga saga, Knýtlinga saga, Ágrip af sǫgu Danakonunga
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Bjarni Guðnason
Umfang: XXXV
Titill: Katalog over Den Arnamagnæanske Håndskriftsamling
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Kålund, Kristian
Titill: Sǫgur Danakonunga. 1. Sǫgubrot af fornkonungum. 2. Knytlinga saga, STUAGNL
Ritstjóri / Útgefandi: Olson, Emil, Petersens, Carl
Umfang: XLVI