The Arnamagnæan Collection


The Arnamagnæan Collection 
The Arnamagnæan Institute is a teaching and research institute within the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen whose function is to further the study of the manuscripts in the Arnamagnæan collection, in keeping with the terms of the Arnamagnæan Foundation, established in 1760 . The Institute is a unit under the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics . 

Associated Manuscripts

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Shelfmark[Sortable]LanguagesTitle and details[Sortable]Roles
Acc. 44 da   Various papers belonging to Gísli Brynjólfsson.; Denmark, 1845-1888 Acquisition; Provenance
Acc. 47 da   Sagan af Axlar Birni; Iceland, 1850-1900 Acquisition
Acc. 50    Njáls saga; Iceland, 1770 Acquisition
AM 9 4to da Digitized Gamle danske love og kongebreve; Denmark, 1470  
AM 12 c fol. da Digitized Hrólfs saga kraka; Iceland, 1600-1699 Provenance
AM 20 b I fol. da   Knýtlinga saga; Iceland, 1275-1325  
AM 22 4to da Digitized Gammeldansk lovhåndskrift; Denmark, 1450-1499  
AM 23 4to da   Dansk lovhåndskrift; Denmark, 1475-1525  
AM 25 4to da Digitized Dansk lovhåndskrift; Denmark, 1450-1499  
AM 30 4to da   Gammeldansk lovhåndskrift; Denmark, 1522