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Acc. 45 a

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Drawings for the 1775 edition of "Sagan af Gunnlaugi Ormstungu ok Skalld-Rafni"

Katarzyna Anna Kapitan 
Scholar; Cataloguer 
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Drawings for the 1775 edition of "Sagan af Gunnlaugi Ormstungu ok Skalld-Rafni"

Georg Haas


Four full page drawings from Sagan af Gunnlaugi ormstungu ok Skalld-Rafni, sive Gunnlaugi vermilingvis & Rafnis poetæ vita. Ex Manuscriptis Legati Magnæani cum Interpretatione Latina

Physical Description

Paper with watermarks.
No. of leaves
4 leaves. 269 mm x 210 mm.
Foliated in pencil 1-4.

Loose leaves held inside of a paper conjoint leaf which serves as a folder. The folder in turn is kept in a conservation box with the label Acc. 45 II.

Accompanying Material

In the box Acc. 45 II there is a slip of paper (size: 171 x 67 mm) with the notes that list some of the contents of the Acc. 45 collection.



Until 2019 Acc. 45 a, Acc. 45 b, Acc. 45 c, Acc. 45 d, Acc. 45 e, Acc. 45 f, Acc. 45 g were catalogued as Acc. 45 and this is how they appear in the unpublished overview of the collection Oversigt over de sidst tilkomne i Accessoria-samlingen compiled by Inger Jakobsen Kudahl in May-June 2003.

The division of the collection into parts a-g follows the order in which the contents of the collection were described on the slip of paper kept in box Acc. 45 II.


Record History
Catalogued on 28 March 2019 by Katarzyna Anna Kapitan.

Photographed as Acc. 45:

  • Microfilm Neg 2016 from 19 May 2011.
  • Microfilm (archive) 1098 from 24 May 2011.
  • Backup film TS 1287 from 24 May 2011.
  • Microfilm Neg 2017.
  • Microfilm (archive) 1099 from 24 May 2011.
  • Backup film TS 1295 from 24 May 2011.

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