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Lbs 5172 8vo is   Saga um Grikki; Iceland  Lbs08-5172
Lbs 5173 8vo is   Æviágrip; Iceland, 1879  Lbs08-5173
Lbs 5174 8vo is   Sagan af Steini bónda; Iceland, 1838  Lbs08-5174
Lbs 5175 8vo is   Guðfræðirit; Iceland  Lbs08-5175
Lbs 5176 8vo is   Ræða; Iceland  Lbs08-5176
Lbs 5177 8vo is   Haralds saga harðráða; Iceland  Lbs08-5177
Lbs 5178 8vo is   Sálmur; Iceland  Lbs08-5178
Lbs 5179 8vo is   Atli; Iceland  Lbs08-5179
Lbs 5180 8vo is   Rímna- og ævintýrakver; Iceland  Lbs08-5180
Lbs 5181 8vo is   Guðfræðirit; Iceland  Lbs08-5181
Lbs 5182 8vo is   Námskver; Iceland  Lbs08-5182
Lbs 5183 8vo is   Bænakver; Reykjarfjörður  Lbs08-5183
Lbs 5184 8vo is   Bænakver; Iceland  Lbs08-5184
Lbs 5185 8vo is   Ættfræðirit; Iceland  Lbs08-5185
Lbs 5186 8vo is   Jarðatal á Íslandi; Iceland  Lbs08-5186
Lbs 5187 8vo is   Guðspjöll og predikanir; Iceland  Lbs08-5187
Lbs 5188 8vo is   Líkræða; Iceland, 1872  Lbs08-5188
Lbs 5189 8vo is   Minnisbók; Iceland, 1800-1899  Lbs08-5189
Lbs 5190 8vo is   Uppdrættir, dæmi; Iceland, 1800-1899  Lbs08-5190
Lbs 5191 8vo is   Skrá yfir kindur; Iceland, 1913  Lbs08-5191
Lbs 5192 8vo is   Söguþættir; Iceland, 1800-1899  Lbs08-5192
Lbs 5193 8vo is   Rímur o.fl.; Iceland, 1847  Lbs08-5193
Lbs 5194 I 8vo is   Ágrip af sögu Íslands; Iceland, 1884  Lbs08-5194-I
Lbs 5194 II 8vo is   Ágrip af sögu Íslands; Iceland, 1888  Lbs08-5194-II
Lbs 5195 8vo is   Verslunardagbók; Iceland  Lbs08-5195