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GKS 2866 4to is Digitized Íslendingabók Ara fróða og efni henni tengt; Copenhagen, 1735  GKS04-2866
GKS 2870 4to is Digitized Njáls saga; Iceland, 1290-1310  GKS04-2870
GKS 2871 4to is   Paucula Islandica  GKS04-2871
GKS 2872 4to is   Specimen Islandiæ non barbaræ  GKS04-2872
GKS 2873 4to is   Eclogarius Islandicus Metro-historicus  GKS04-2873
GKS 2874 4to is   Chrysoris sive Gullbringa  GKS04-2874
GKS 2875 4to is   Conspectus historiæ literariæ Islandicæ  GKS04-2875
GKS 3115 4to is   Genealogia a primo homine ad præsens tempus deducta  GKS04-3115
GKS 3268 4to is   Jónsbók; Iceland, 1340-1360  GKS04-3268
GKS 3269 a 4to. is Digitized Lögbók; Iceland, 1300-1399  GKS04-3269a
GKS 3269 b 4to is Digitized Jónsbók  GKS04-3269b
GKS 3270 4to is Digitized Lög; Iceland, 1340-1360  GKS04-3270
GKS 3271 4to is Digitized Jónsbók  GKS04-3271
GKS 3273 4to is Digitized Jónsbók — Messusöngsbók; Iceland, 1290-1560  GKS04-3273
GKS 3274 a 4to is Digitized Jónsbók  GKS04-3274a
GKS 3275 4to is   Jónsbók  GKS04-3275
GKS 3300 4to is   Manuale Judicum  GKS04-3300
GKS 3305 4to is   Ritgerðir, m.a. um orðið fjörbaugsmaður  GKS04-3305
GKS 3306 4to is   Ritgerðir um kristinn rétt  GKS04-3306
GKS 3307 4to is   Lagaritgerðir  GKS04-3307
GKS 3308 4to is   Um tíundargjörð  GKS04-3308
GKS 3309 4to is   Syrpa  GKS04-3309
GKS 3310 4to is   Lagaritgerðir  GKS04-3310
GKS 3311 4to is   Bp. F. Jónsson, Geistlighedens Indkomster paa Island  GKS04-3311
GKS 3312 4to is   Ritgerðir  GKS04-3312