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ShelfmarkLangTitle and detailsNicknameId[Sortable]
Acc 5 is   Sögubók; Iceland, 1750-1799  Acc-0005
Acc 6 a I-II is   No Title  Acc-0006a-I-II
Acc 6 a III is   No Title  Acc-0006a-III
Acc 6 b I-II is   No Title  Acc-0006b-I-II
Acc 18 is   No Title  Acc-0018
Acc 25 is   No Title  Acc-0025
Acc 28 is   No Title  Acc-0028
Acc 29 is   No Title  Acc-0029
Acc 30 is   No Title  Acc-0030
Acc 31 is   No Title  Acc-0031
Acc 32 is   No Title  Acc-0032
Acc 40 is   No Title  Acc-0040
Acc. 15    Sales Catalogues; Denmark, 1713-1720  Acc0015
Acc. 19    No Title  Acc0019
Acc. 50    Njáls saga; Vopnafjörður, Eastern Iceland, 1770  Acc0050
Acc. 1    Letters; Denmark, 1727-1734  Acc01
Acc. 2    Dictionary Entries for R. Cleasby's Icelandic-English Dictionary; Denmark, 1808-1891  Acc02
Acc. 4 a    Føroya kvæði; The Faroe Islands Fugloyarbók Acc04-a
Acc. 4 b    Føroya kvæði; The Faroe Islands, 1800-1899 Foliohæfte Acc04-b
Acc. 4 d da   Various Random Notes Found in Venceslaus Ulricus Hammershaimb's Home; The Faroe Islands and Denmark, 1800-1899  Acc04-d
Acc. 4 e da   No Title  Acc04-e
Acc. 7 b da   No Title  Acc07-b
Acc. 7 c da   No Title  Acc07-c
Acc. 7 d da   No Title  Acc07-d
Acc. 7 e da   Biblia Latina and Petrus de Herentals; Iceland?, 1400-1499  Acc07-e