Katarzyna Anna Kapitan


Katarzyna Anna Kapitan
  • Researcher
  • Scholar
  • Cataloguer

Copenhagen (City), Denmark


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Associated Manuscripts

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Acc. 1 da   Árni Magnússon's letters; Denmark, 1727-1734  
Acc. 2    Dictionary Entries for R. Cleasby's Icelandic-English Dictionary; Denmark, 1808-1891  
Acc. 17 da   Cryptogrammes, spells, formulas etc; Iceland, 1790-1810  
Acc. 19 da   A collection of fragments  
Acc. 20 da   Rímur af Jóni leiksveini; 1901  
Acc. 21 da   Catalogue of Old Norse parchment fragments in the National Archives of Norway; 1902-1919  
Acc. 23 da   List of books and manuscripts bought by Árni Magnússon at the auction of Rostgård's collection; 1896  
Acc. 24 da   Photographs of Holm. Papp. 4to nr. 18 from the Royal Library in Stockholm; 1900-1919  
Acc. 26 da   Letters from Vilhelm Gödel to Kristian Kålund; Stockholm, 1916  
Acc. 27 da   Kristian Kålund's register of the letters to and from Árni Magnússon; Denmark, 1883-1919