Loth, Agnete


Loth, Agnete
18 November 1921
02 June 1990
  • Scholar
  • Donor


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Associated Manuscripts

Shelfmark[Sortable]LanguagesTitle and details[Sortable]Roles
Acc. 37 a    Kristian Kålund's correspondence with Björn M. Ólsen and others Acquisition
Acc. 37 b    Kristian Kålund's correspondence with Natanael Beckman and others Acquisition
Acc. 37 c    Kristian Kålund's correspondence regarding the edition of Crymogæa Acquisition
Acc. 39    Icelandic translations of various works; Iceland, 1650-1672 Acquisition
Acc. 41    Various poems and prophecies.; Iceland, 1800-1846 Acquisition; Scribe
Acc. 42    Sagas; Iceland, 1876-1886 Acquisition
Acc. 44    Various papers belonging to Gísli Brynjólfsson.; Denmark, 1845-1888  
Acc. 63    Almanacs; Iceland, 1841-1864 Provenance
AM 180 a fol. da Digitized Karlamagnús saga; Iceland, 1450-1499 Origin
AM 186 4to is   Kirkjuskipanir og skriftamál; Iceland, 1480  
AM 237 b fol. da   Postola sögur; Norge, 1226-1275 Origin
AM 568 I-II 4to is   Sögubók Accompanying Material
AM 613 h 4to is   Pontus rímur; Iceland, 1650-1700 Accompanying Material
AM 662 a III 4to da   Thómas saga erkibiskups; Iceland, 1475-1500 Origin
Lbs 4631 8vo is   Samtíningur; Iceland, 1833-1950. Provenance