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Missale Scardense; Island, 1450-1475

Wedervang-Jensen, Eva 
26. marts 1974 
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Antal blade
58 leaves (57 + a fragment). ca. 380 mm x ca. 280 mm.
Newer foliation.
The manuscript consists of fragments previously serving as binding for various manuscripts which have now been identified and put together. All of the leaves are trimmed which means that the inner margins of most of the leaves are missing, often resulting in a loss of text.

Written by two scribes, each of them have applied a separate size of written area and consequently number of lines per page.

On ff. 1r-15r and 39r:19-58v the written area measures 280/290 mm x 190/195 mm and they have 32 lines or 16 staffs per page.

On ff. 15v-39r:19 the written area measures 265/270 mm x 175/185 mm and they have 38 lines or 16 staffs per page.

Ff. 15v and 39r, however, have 29 lines epr page, while 17r, 18r, 24v and 26v have 27 lines per page.

Pricking in the outer margins can be seen where whole leaves are preserved.


Written by two scribes.

The first hand, who can be identified as the one of Jón Þorláksson wrote ff. 1r-15r and 39r:19-58v. This hand also wrote corrections and the rubrics. Jón Þorláksson worked as a scribe in the period c. 1450-1478.

The other hand wrote ff. 15v-39r:19.


On f. 6r an red, green and golden initial taking up six lines and featuring a palmette in red and blue is found.

On f. 15v a large littera florissa in ten lines with foliage in gold, red, green and azure.

Part I features green, blue, red, ruby or gold lombards in one to five lines. Several have palmettes in a contrasting colour. Part II has gold, blue, green or red lombards taking up two to five lines.

Red line fillers and rubrics.

[Musical Notation]

Part I (1r-15r, 39r:19-58v): square notation in black four-line staves with a clef; 40v-41v, however have a square notation in red four-line staves with a clef. Part II (15v-39r:19): square notation in red four-line staves with a clef. Recitation: c + s.

Tilføjet materiale
Instructions for rubrication can still be seen in the margins.

Historie og herkomst

The missal is written in Skarð á Skarðarströnd in Dalasýsla, Iceland (hence the name Missale Scardense) in the thrird quarter of the 15th centry.


[Record History]

Katalogiseret 23 April 2021 by EW-J. The catalogue text is based on Andersen 2008.


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