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AM 732 b 4to

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Alfræði; Island, 1300-1400

Tekstens sprog
Latin (primært); non


Fysisk Beskrivelse / Kodikologi



Antal blade

  • 2rThe wind rose.
  • 3rCircular depiction of the constellations of the sun, the moon and the earth along with the position of the continents.
  • 3vThe astronomical system shown in a figure formed by concentric circles into which the four elements, the seven heavens and the planets are inscribed.
  • 6rA drawing of the zodiac as a twelve-partite system of concentric circles along with superscriptions and a written explanation.
  • 7vA system of circles illustrating the lunar circle during a lunar year. Below four minor circles and a square indicating the numbering of days of each month.

  • 7rCircular ground-plan of the labyrinth called „volundar hűs“.
  • 8vCircular ground-plan of Jerusalem with drawings of the main buildings and monuments and superscriptions in Latin.

8rA human hand illustrating computistic rules finger counting.

Historie og herkomst

[No history available.]


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